MECC-TRE SRL founded in 1986 by the Trentin family is a leading in the precision machining sector.
The experience gained over 20 years of activity, coupled with advanced machinery and reliable operators able to ensure top quality by means of rigorous checks performed with state-of-the-art equipment , enables us to be competitive in manufacturing complex components according to the clients design specifications.

MECC-TRE SRL is (highly) competent in the processing of diverse materials constructiuon steels , stainless steels , aluminum , cast irons , special alloys ) in medium or small lots, as required by the client, thus guaranteeing the supply of high-quality standard products with respect to on- time delivery. A dynamic company , which strengthens the foundation of its success through a dedication to its work, in the ongoing acquisition of resources and through continuing research into new technologies ; but especially in the professionalism and motivation of its employees – real added value.

We can offer our clients:
• A modern and verstile fleet with cutting-edge equipment.
• An ongoing relationship with the client, with a constant exchange of information, which allows us to jointly develop new projects – always availing the client of the very best of our professionalism and knowledge.
• Expertise and innovation in the design and manufacture of dedicated equipment and cost-effective work cycles , to guarantee top quality combined with competitive pricing.
• End of cycle checks employing 3-D measuring equipment.
• A cohesive organisational structure, allowing us to assume the role of prime contractor with respect to additional/complementary production , or to purchase raw materials directly from the manufacturers at the best market prices.
• A comprehensive computerized system with software that allows us to guarantee process and product control. We have CAD CAM stations where we import the drawings supplied by our clients in dxf format ( 2-D ) ,IGES or STEP (3-D ) directly into the software , thus accelerating numerical control programming times.
• Client interaction via advanced information exchange in both English and German.

MECC-TRE SRL prides itself as a worthy partner in complex operations with effective added value, whereby our knowledge coupled with state-of-the-art equipment enables us to both satisfy and strengthen our communication with our clients.